January 18, 2018

Projects and Activities

Seminar Workshop on Instructional Methodology

Through the Faculty and Staff Development Committee, symposia, colloquia and seminar-workshops on various aspects of the discipline and practice of public administration and instructional methodologies are conducted regularly by the Association. These activities seek to upgrade the teaching skills of faculty members teaching public administration/management courses in the graduate level, and to provide them the needed direction in teaching these courses. Whenever necessary, the teaching techniques are demonstrated in a simulated classroom situation.

Member schools take turns in hosting the seminar workshops.

Library Development

Library development of member schools is one of ASPAP’s major concerns. Toward this end, the Association solicits books, journals, brochures, annual reports, monographs and other publication from government ministries and other agencies for distribution to ASPAP members. This way, ASPAP is somehow able to provide the libraries of its member schools with reference materials for the use of the graduate students in public administration/management.

Distribution of the reading materials is made during ASPAP meetings.

Public Lecture Series

ASPAP sponsors public lectures in the field of public administration. Lectures cover topics on governmental management, personnel development, fiscal administration, and bureaucratic behavior, among others. The public lecture series provide the needed forum of interaction between academicians and practitioners.

Public lectures are conducted upon request of the member school.


In line with its research projects, ASPAP gives priority to studies concerning the improvement of public administration/management education programs and their curricular content.

Scholarships and Faculty Development

Scholarships and fellowship grants in the field of public administration are generally provided by the ASPAP to deserving faculty members of member institutions and other students, particularly those based in the regions, to help develop and strengthen capabilities and potentials in public management education.


Through the Association, linkages among tertiary institutions offering public management and related courses are established. These linkages provide for continuing dialogue, exchange and evaluation of curricular programs, faculty strength and capabilities, institutional resources and other related areas to help strengthen management education in the country.